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To bring African culture to Australia so our children will never forget were they came from and preserve the stories for generations to come. And to showcase Africa’s vibrant colours, of happiness and joy and its undeniable beauty, to Australia.  

About the Fabrics 

We use Ankara as the main material along with other variety of recycled fabrics. Ankara fabric is 100% cotton material also recognised as African wax, Veritable wax, Wax block prints and Dutch wax amongst others; industrially produced with fashionable prints. The wax prints are a way of non-verbal communication amongst African women.

Although Ankara fabric is related to African culture; its origins are not African. It was once meant for the Indonesian market. It however found greater enthusiastic acceptance and market in West Africa where it rapidly grew. It symbolises usual but sometimes fashion class. 

Over time, the prints grew to be African-inspired and African-owned by mid-1900s with major producers in Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria in West Africa. From there, the Ankara was exported to different parts of Africa and the world.

About the Beads

Beads in Africa have a lot of history and meaning both to makers and wearers. They show status, accomplishment, and social standing in the community for example marriage, manhood and becoming a woman.

For example, in the Nuer culture of South Sudan, a suitor would sell a cow or work on the farm until he has sufficient money to purchase a special beautiful, beaded jewelry for his bride to symbolise his readiness for her. He presents the beads to her at their wedding ceremony to represent his love and devotion to her.